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Ceiling type total heat exchanger

Product characteristics

1. Two-way ventilation: equal displacement of indoor and outdoor gases, relying on mechanical air supply and induction, force the formation of fresh air flow field in the system, thus ensuring the uninterrupted fresh air.

2. Filtration and purification: The unit specializes in filtering indoor air, effectively preventing dust and harmful substances from entering the room, so as to achieve the effect of air purification.

3. Excellent configuration: All the important parts adopt well-known brands, and the shell adopts double-layer foaming structure, which is different from the frame structure of most manufacturers and single-layer insulation cotton (using different materials such as cold plate spraying, stainless steel plate, etc.).

4. Easy to use: a variety of models are available, integrated structure, built-in heat exchanger, dual fan, filter, only need to connect the power supply and tuyere can be used, simplified design, suitable for various occasions.

5. Reliable operation: Built-in low-noise external rotor centrifugal fan, the unit wall is covered with new sound-absorbing materials, stable operation, low noise, to prevent interference to the site. The whole machine has no moving parts except the fan, and hardly needs maintenance. It can ensure long-term stable and reliable operation.

6. High efficiency and Energy conservation: Built-in static heat exchanger, heat exchange efficiency is more than 70%. It can reduce the energy needed by fresh air in a wide range and save investment.

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