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Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

Product characteristics

1. Good structure

It has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, low fluid resistance loss and convenient dew point corrosion control.

2. High recovery efficiency

By using extruding fin forming technology of integral aluminium tube, stainless steel tube and copper tube, the heat recovery efficiency is high, which can reach 60-80%. It has high thermal conductivity and good isothermal property.

3. Safety and reliability

The cold and hot fluids can be completely separated by the baffle in the heat exchanger. When a single heat pipe is damaged due to wear, corrosion, over-temperature and other reasons, the equipment can work normally.

4. Complete specifications

Aluminum-aluminium structure, copper-aluminium structure.

5. Wide application range

New air and exhaust air is completely separated to avoid cross-contamination. It is suitable for fluid heat transfer in hospitals, shopping malls, schools, laboratories, large venues and inflammable, explosive and corrosive occasions.

6. Flexible installation and easy maintenance

The unit installation combination is simpler and lighter, occupies small area and has low maintenance cost.

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