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Rotary heat exchanger

Product characteristics

1.Brand new Technology The advanced third generation integral winding manufacturing technology was introduced from Sweden to replace the glue pasting process.

2. Structural stability The unique structure of integral winding plus spoke is firm and stable, and it can work more 15-25 years. 

3.High efficiency of heat recovery The built-in heat exchanger can effectively exchange energy. The heat recovery efficiency is more than 70%. It can greatly reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning system that is used for handling fresh air. 

4.Special Material The wheel boss is made of special alloy aluminium, which has high heat transfer coefficient, chlorine resistance and corrosion resistance. The main parts are made of all-aluminium material. The product has stable performance and long service life. 

5.Professional Sealing Imported double wear-resistant waterproof flexible sealing brush is adopted, with tight sealing and low air leakage rate. The double clean fans are reasonably arranged so that the ratio of exhaust air mixed into fresh air can be controlled within 0.1%. 

6.Good configuration The equipped motors, belts and bearings are all well-known brand products. The insulation level of the motor is F and the level of protection reaches IP54. The wheel drive belt is the original imported belt, which has the function of self-tensioning. 

7.Variety and comprehensive specifications The product has two kinds of conventional types of total heat and sensible heat, and provides high temperature resistance and anti-corrosion and other special performance requirements. There are many specifications of corrugation height and runner thickness for picking. The air handling capacity of a single runner ranges from 150 to 200 000 m3/h. 

8.Flexible installation and easy maintenance The product can be set vertically or horizontally, can be settled in the energy recovery unit, or settled independently, connected with the network management. The matching transmission motor of the products is forever lubricative. The matching transmission belt has self-tensioning device, so the belt length does not need to be frequently adjusted. All can be maintenance-free. Products can be cleaned by high-pressure air, water, steam, solution, etc. 

9.Low-carbon environmental protection, safer Special technology, unique structure and environmentally friendly material increase mechanical strength and improve product quality. Low-carbon environmental protection, being safe and reliable have been achieved really.

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