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SE Jienengyuan Searches and Creates New Clean Air Tools for You


With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and yearning for pure air, when vigorously maintaining the natural environment of green water and clean mountains, people always try to use high-tech products to improve and improve air quality, make the sky bluer, and let everyone breathe more fresh and healthy air. For this reason, Jieneng actively responds to the market demand, and continuously developed a series of heat pipe products and created a new sharp tool in the field of heat recovery that can not only provide pure air but also save resources.


1. Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

Heat pipe is a kind of heat transfer element with high thermal conductivity. two A heat pipe is formed by cleaning and vacuumizing an aluminium fin tube with grooves on the internal wall or liquid wick, two ends of which are sealed, and pouring a certain amount of liquid working medium into it. Heat is transferred by evaporation and condensation of working substance in vacuum tube. The heat pipe elements are arranged with a certain row spacing, and bundled in the shell of the frame, and the middle baffle are used to separate the evaporation section and the condensation section of the heat pipe so as to form a heat pipe heat exchanger.

Heat exchangers using heat pipes as heat transfer elements have the basic characteristics of high thermal conductivity, excellent isotherm, variability of heat flux, reversibility of heat flow direction, performance of thermal diodes and heat switches, constant temperature characteristics, environmental adaptability and so on. They have been widely used in hotels, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, office and pharmaceutical and chemical plants as energy conservation equipment for heat energy utilization in heat recovery and process. It has achieved good economic benefits.

Main features:

(1) Economy and Energy conservation: Relying on its own structure and gravity to complete energy transfer; no additional operating costs; long service life;

(2) High efficiency of heat recovery: Using extrusion fin forming technology of integral aluminium tube, stainless steel, copper tube and other materials, has a high heat recovery rate, up to 60%.

(3) Space saving: Compact structure, so it can be installed in a very small space; each heat pipe has its own heat exchange system, so it is easy to replace;

(4) Low maintenance costs: No moving parts, no additional energy consumption, safe and reliable operation, low maintenance costs;

(5) Contamination isolation: No contact with new exhaust air so as to avoid cross infection, it is suitable for hospitals, shopping malls, pharmaceutical industry, schools, laboratories, large venues and inflammable, explosive, corrosive fluid heat transfer occasions.



1. Three-dimensional heat pipe heat exchanger

The heat pipe is made by cleaning and vacuumizing a copper tube, sleeved with aluminum fins and sealed on the two ends, and pouring certain amount of liquid working medium into it. The heat pipe elements are arranged in equilateral triangle with certain row spacing, then bundled in the shell of the frame, and the evaporation section and condensation section of the heat pipe are separated by the middle baffle so that a three-dimensional heat pipe heat exchanger is form.

Effective sealing device is used in the separator, so no leakage will occur. Heat pipe elements are easy to assemble, disassemble, clean and replace. When the temperature changes, the components will expand and shrink freely.

The heat exchanger using three-dimensional heat pipe as heat transfer elements not only has the characteristics of large heat transfer, rapid thermal response and small temperature difference, but also has the advantages of convenient installation, long service life, small resistance and no leakage. It is widely used in air conditioning, ventilation waste heat recovery device, industrial waste heat recovery and solar energy heat absorption device.

Main features:

(1) High thermal conductivity

Heat pipes mainly rely on the cycle of absorbing and releasing latent heat of phase transformation to transfer heat. Because of the high latent heat of vaporization, the heat conduction efficiency of heat pipes is very high. Usually, the heat conduction capacity of heat pipes is higher than that of copper. Three-dimensional heat pipe heat exchangers can recover both heat and cold energy. With heat exchange between new and exhaust air, every 10 ℃ temperature difference can make air temperature rise 6-7 ℃, so 1000 m3/h exhaust air can recover 2.02 kW-2.35 kW heat. The heat transfer speed is 400 times that of copper, and the heat transfer efficiency can reach 6,000 times that of copper.

(2) Safety and reliability

The fin surface is smooth, the resistance is small, so the condensate water is easy to discharge; the counter-current structure has unlimited wind speed, easy to manage and basically free of maintenance.

(3) Good economy

Three-dimensional heat pipe heat transfer does not need power, no additional energy consumption, so its energy efficiency is high; horizontal placement can carry out bidirectional heat transfer, which needs no tilt placement or seasonal conversion device.


3. Heat Pipe Energy Recovery Air Conditioning Unit

Heat pipe type energy recovery air conditioning unit uses heat pipe elements as energy recovery core, recovers the heat energy in the exhaust air by exchanging heat energy between the exhausted air with the incoming air, so as to realize the energy recovery and utilization. At present, it is widely used in factories, baths, shopping malls, building and other occasions.

Main features:

(1) The unit has a horizontal structure and runs smoothly. The unit can be placed indoors, in the engine room or on the roof.

(2) There are upward and lateral inlet and outlet air in the direction of inlet and outlet air.

(3) By setting up a surface cooler or heater between the heat exchanger and the blower, they can be combined into an energy recovery air conditioning unit.

(4) Reasonable frame structure: Aluminum profiles are used as the framework of the unit, and all profiles are inlaid with cold-proof bridge PVC material. The panels composed of polyurethane foam and two-layer steel plate are buckled into the framework of aluminum profiles with buckled pressure plate, which has good sealing performance and good insulation effect. The key parts of the unit are equipped with overhaul for easy maintenance.

(5) Heat recovery technology introduced from Sweden, whose core of heat recovery has high smoothness, compact structure, good sealing and ventilation performance.

(6) Full-featured, widely-used: Based on heat recovery of heat pipe, the unit can provide mixing, surface cooling, heating, humidification, current sharing, noise elimination and other functions according to customer requirements.

(7) Excellent configuration, stable performance: Unit accessories are well-known brands, safe and stable operation.

(8) Convenient and fast transportation: Units can be assembled and disassembled at will to avoid transportation restrictions such as the ultra-high and the ultra-wide.

(9) Professional manufacturer, supporting services: The unit is delivered by partition and bulk units, and it is assembled and debugged on-site, meeting the actual requirements of customers.



1. Application of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger in Chemical Industry

In the medical and daily use chemical industries, heat pipe heat exchangers can be used to recover waste heat of medicinal gas or waste gas, and produce clean hot air and dry materials.

2. Application of heat pipe in hospital

In view of the high requirement for air cleanliness in hospitals and the loss of waste heat, poor indoor air quality and lack of air circulation, it is very important to select the appropriate hospital air conditioning. The application of heat pipe technology can effectively solve these problems. Heat pipe can not only effectively solve the problems of low efficiency, high operating cost and indoor humidity when heating air is supplied by electric heater, but also improve air quality, prevent a large number of pollutants from entering the ward, and achieve high efficiency and Energy conservation. So in most cases, the heat pipe energy recovery air conditioning unit will be used as the hospital air conditioning unit.

3. Application of Heat Pipe in Computer Room

Because the calorific value of the equipment in the room is very large, and the equipment is usually designed to be fully enclosed to meet requirements of heat insulation, moisture insulation and air cleanliness, furthermore the thermal insulation performance of the enclosure is good, excessive energy consumption of the air conditioning system always occurs. Therefore, the air conditioning unit must farthest reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioning system and realize energy conservation of the room under the premise of safe operation.

At present, the commonly-used air-conditioning technology includes direct introduction of outdoor fresh air and heat exchange fresh air system. The heat pipe energy recovery air conditioning unit is one of the heat exchange fresh air systems. The unit uses the lower natural environment temperature outdoors in winter, spring and autumn for heat exchange to minimize the air-conditioning power consumption in the engine room. Traditional air conditioning equipment and heat pipe units complement each other, which not only prolongs the service life and maintenance cycle of air conditioning, but also guarantees the stability of the operating environment of the room. Heat pipe units have no compressor, and their energy consumption components are only the frequency converter fans in interior and exterior, so the energy consumption of independent operation is usually about 3/4 lower than that of the compressed air conditioning units at the same refrigeration capacity.

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